Pocket Scale 1.4


Use this scale app to rig measurements.

This app RIGS measurements! Please read description before leaving a comment: You probably are looking for an app that can weigh objects or maybe you are just looking for something to joke about with a friend or stranger. Whatever it is, look no further because no modern smartphone or portable android device comes with the capabilities to measure weight. This is a prank app which you may use to fool unsuspecting people or slightly tilt the odds in your favor. Also, if you are a good guesser you can guesstimate the actual weight of an object. However you choose to use this app is your business but I will provide you with some uses:

►Impress people who don’t fully understand android devices
►If someone offers to sell you some gold you can use this
app to make a large profit
►You never know when a pocket scale may come in handy
►Use it to convert between ounces and grams
►A good conversation starter. Yeah, why not!?

►Skin selection for enhanced customization
►Set ounces and grams
►Convert between both ounces and grams
►Variable measurement times for added realism
►Calibrate scale from mode for even more added realism.
►Quick reset function to set your values to 0 instantly
►Can be moved to SD card (Android 2.0 and above).
►An easter egg maybe, if you read the instructions.

This app is designed to prank unsuspecting individuals and thus some of its features are hidden. You must access a hidden configuration screen to enter gram/ounces values and then you will be set to use PocketScale to your liking. This screen can be accessed by going into mode and selecting an invisible button to the right of ‘Info’ and below ‘Calibrate’ that will light up as soon as you touch it. On the new skin this screen can be accessed by touching the mode button and selecting the blank button below info. Skin selection can be accessed through the configuration screen.

To use the quick reset function press the device menu button and select the reset icon. This will cause all values to set to 0 without a prompt. This feature may be used to convince someone who is in doubt.

For more information select ‘Info’ and read the instructions from within the app.

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